Information leakage from invoices and phone numbers reflected in “Zoom” –Considering the risk of working from home

Take a moment to check your background before your next video call. If you have a diploma on the wall or a document with your name or address on your desk, hide them in a short amount of time. According to Mat Newfield, Unisys’ Chief Security Infrastructure Officer (CSIO), anything with a name, number, or address could help a hacker trying to steal personal information. Working from home begins to think about how working from home poses security risks that most people have never thought of before. “When I was attending one meeting, a colleague told another colleague,’I didn’t know your home was in Connecticut,'” Newfield said. “The next question is,’How did you know that?’, But the person’s answer was,’The invoice with your name is behind you and your address is Connecticut.'” “It’s easy to zoom in on things behind the Zoom window, such as invoices and phone numbers on refrigerators and bulletin boards,” Newfield said. (You can read more at Tech Republic Japan)