The 15th anniversary of the serialization “Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” will be held in 4 cities!

Square Enix is ​​holding an exhibition “Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the serialization of the popular manga “Kuroshitsuji (Yana Toboso)” in the monthly “G Fantasy”. Starting from August 2021 in Tokyo (Matsuya Ginza), he will tour the four cities of Osaka, Hyogo, and Ishikawa.

“Kuroshitsuji (Yana Toboso)” is a Victorian dark fantasy manga serialized in the monthly “G Fantasy” for a long time. Set in the 19th century England, the story of a “devil” butler who contracted with a solitary boy aristocrat has gained popularity not only in Japan but around the world, and has a wide range of media such as TV animation, theater animation, musicals, and live-action movies. After mixing, the cumulative circulation worldwide has exceeded 30 million.

Since 2021 is the 15th anniversary of the serialization, from the beginning of the year, the whole volume was made into an e-book, a new musical was performed, and a nationwide pop-up store of original goods was held.
As a big event following them, “Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” will be held this time.

This exhibition, which will start touring nationwide from this summer, is based on the concept of the theme color “Rich Black (black that is deeper than black, made by superimposing various colors on black)”, and beautiful illustrations by Yana Toboso. From popular episodes such as “Akashitsuji”, “Circus”, and “Luxury Passenger Ship” to the latest “Memories of Blue”, the original drawings of serialized manuscripts that look back on many famous scenes are exhibited. Exhibition original goods will also be on sale at the venue.

“Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” Tokyo venue (Matsuya Ginza) is for “10: 30-14: 00 admission” on August 13th (Fri), 14th (Sat), and 15th (Sun). A special advance lottery sale of “admission tickets with goods & pamphlets” with designated date and time and priority admission will be decided. Premium goods (not for sale) and exhibition pamphlets only for this exhibition will be attached, and lottery acceptance will start from 12:00 noon on April 16 (Friday) with Lawson tickets.

The second advance / general sale at the Tokyo venue and the sale of admission tickets at other venues will be announced at a later date on the official website.

(C) Yana Toboso / SQUARE ENIX “Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” Executive Committee