Enako, the beauty of “almost no makeup” The transparent other cut is released

From the gravure project “GIRLS graph. (Girls Graph) 002” (on sale / Takarajimasha) featuring gorgeous members who are active in weekly magazines, manga magazines, and SNS, the cosplayer Enako’s other cut on the cover will be on the 18th. It was published. “GIRLS graph.” Enako’s other cut cover was photographed by top photographer Kazutaka Nakamura. This gravure that is close to the real face without cosplay was posted in a large volume of 20 pages, and it was talked about “I have never seen such Enako Chan!” Before the release. The other cut released this time is also a transparent photograph that reflects the beauty of this almost no makeup. Following the first release released in December last year, “GIRLS graph.” Has been featured on the cover of Enako for the second time in a row. As a bonus, this oversized double-sided poster is included, and it has been so popular that it is temporarily sold out on Amazon after its release. On the back cover, many magazines decorate the cover, and Amajina, who is famous as a 2.5-dimensional model, appears. 20 pages of newly shot gravure with the most smiles in his history. In addition, Kokoro Shinozaki, who appeared in the second issue in a row, became a meaningful gravure that started with a girl with long black hair and glasses instead of the trademark blonde shortcut.