Kazuma Kawamura wants to collaborate with “Fate”! Hokuto Yoshino “confronts Ryoma Echizen with sweet lines”

A press conference for the next-generation comprehensive entertainment project “BATTLE OF TOKYO” by the four groups of GENERATIONS, THE RAMPAGE, FANTASTICS, BALLISTIK BOYZ, and the Jr. EXILE generation, which belong to LDH, was held in Tokyo on the 18th. Mendy Sekiguchi, Ichima Kawamura of THE RAMPAGE, Kitato Yoshino, the world of FANTASTICS, and Masahiro Sunada of BALLISTIK BOYZ attended. Kazuma Kawamura (left) and Hokuto Yoshino of THE RAMPAGE The project has started in earnest as the world’s first “Mixed Reality Entertainment” created by crossing and fusing real and virtual. The stage is the fictional future city “Super Tokyo”. A total of 38 members of the Jr.EXILE generation will gather, and the characters created by each one will become avatars, and the battle will take place as four teams: MAD JESTERS, ROWDY SHOGUN, Astro9, and JIGGY BOYS. The six people who took the stage on behalf of the Jr. EXILE generation are expecting various developments of their own avatars. Katayose said, “I want to play with my avatar live,” and Mendy said, “My (avatar’s) voice actor is Subaru Kimura. I want to have a karaoke showdown because Gian’s voice is being heard.” Kawamura said, “I have a dream that my favorite anime and my alter ego LUPUS collaborate,” he said. “I like the anime” Fate “and become a spirit with a sword called Saber and co-star with Altria Pendragon. I want to do it. ” Yoshino said, “I also love anime so much,” and said, “I’ve been watching” The Prince of Tennis “recently, and I want to have a” sweet line confrontation “with Ryoma Echizen.” The world expects, “I love Tomokazu Seki, who is a Suneo, and I want to co-star.” Sunada said, “BALLISTIK BOYZ is performing with acrobatics as a weapon, but the techniques that can be done are limited, so I want the characters to do more amazing techniques … I want them to challenge the techniques that they can’t do.”