Scientific manga “Deep Sea Survival” animated movie, illustration campaign

The anime movie “Survival of the Human Body!” Released in 2020. As the second movie adaptation of the “Science Manga Survival” series, it was decided to make a movie adaptation of “Deep Sea Survival,” which has the highest cumulative circulation in the original series.
There will also be an illustration posting campaign related to the work.

In Japan, 74 volumes of the “Science Manga Survival” series have been published by Asahi Shimbun Publishing since 2008 (as of April 2021), and the cumulative circulation has exceeded 10 million, and 30 million in Korea, China, Thailand, etc. The above-mentioned scientific comics that are very popular with children.
It is a story in which children confront the pinch that attacks one after another with courage and wisdom, dealing with all themes related to science such as creatures, nature, human body, disasters, environmental problems, AI, space.
As I read through the adventure story that was sweating in my hands, I made elementary school students enthusiastic as a manga that naturally acquired knowledge of science and science, and “The 2nd Elementary School Students Choose!” Children’s Book “General Election” (announced in 2020) ) No. 1 in the series, 65th School Reading Survey (jointly conducted by SLA and Mainichi Shimbun in 2019) No. 1 in “Favorite Books Selected by Elementary School Students”, read in “Morning Reading” for 6 consecutive years It is in the top 5 of the book.

“Deep Sea Survival” is a story set in the “deep sea” where survival master Geo and his friends confront various difficulties with their own courage and ideas.
In the visual that has been lifted this time, Geo and Phi Phi, who are wearing diving clothes and swimming in the sea with a lot of smiles, and an ammonite type submersible, which Kay gets in and is operated by Dr. Kon, also appeared. The light illuminates the giant squid, sperm whale, and deep sea, and the visuals are filled with excitement and excitement as to what kind of adventure they will take.
Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, participated in the supervision of the deep sea survey, and the supervision is based on the current knowledge of marine science and technology, making the work convincing.

The cast is the previous work “Survival of the human body! ]Satsumi Matsuda will play the main character Geo, Megumi Han will play the role of Phi, and Akira Ishida will play the role of Kay. Matsuda made the following comments.

What! again! The day will come when you can survive at the cinema with Geo! Wow! Great, feeling, intense !!!
This year, I’ll jump out of my body and dive into the deep sea!
In the cool, cold and mysterious deep sea … what kind of encounters are waiting for you … throbbing, chilling, and exciting! Let’s survive together during the summer vacation!

Also, “Survival of the human body! The illustration posting campaign that was carried out at the time of 』will be carried out this time as well. There is a chance that the posted illustration will appear on the end roll, and you will win a luxurious prize by lottery.

“Deep sea survival! Is scheduled to be released nationwide from August 13, 2021 (Friday).

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