“Weekly pacific saury and Matsuko” starts today! Talking monsters talk and defeat

The new TBS variety show “Weekly pacific saury and Matsuko” (every Sunday from 18:30 to 19:00), starring pacific saury Akashiya and Matsuko Deluxe, will start today. pacific saury Akashiya and Matsuko Deluxe A national comedian, Sanma Akashiya, and Matsuko Deluxe, a leading Japanese comedian and “strongest chatter”, will team up on TBS. pacific saury’s TBS regular program appearance has been about 6 years since “pacific saury’s SUPER Karakuri TV”. In the program, these two people talk to their heart’s content in the studio at one time and on location at another time in order to bring out each other’s “unknown face” and “new charm”. On the official Twitter of the program, “You can see a side that the two of you have never seen on TV !?” “Sunday evening when the talking monsters talk down is coming !!”