Air stairs, Mogura Suzuki “Illness that only mice can get” makes it dangerous

The comedy duo’s air staircase will appear on the NTV variety show “The! World Astonishing News: A True & Really Dangerous 2 Hour Special” (21: 00-22: 54) that will be broadcast on the 20th. .. (From left) Takeru Sato, Yoshizumi, Saki Takei, Kuki Kaidan = Provided by NTV Mogura Suzuki said, “One day, my throat suddenly hurt and I couldn’t even make a voice.” Show off the episode. When I went to the hospital, I revealed the shocking experience that I was diagnosed as “I have a disease that only mice can get”, and everyone became confused. In addition, there was a real experience that “a Chinese thief entered my parents’ house when I was 19 years old.” Studio laughs at a surprising thing stolen at that time! Will be. Emi Takei laughed bitterly when he enjoyed surfing in Hawaii without a bodysuit and in a bathing suit, saying, “After that, (the back) turns bright red.” “I fell down due to dehydration that night, and then I was icing in the hotel for the whole week in Hawaii,” he recalls. Also, when I drove with my family, he said, “I had a terrible pain in my mouth … I wondered what it was, and the wire for orthodontics pierced the back of my tongue (bitter smile).” Experiences that are too painful. The studio was laughed at when it turned out that it was caused by a big singing in the car.