Hikaru Ijuin, compatible with late-night and morning radio “I recently found out that it was unexpectedly impossible”

Talent Hikaru Ijuin appeared on Fuji TV’s talk event “Kubo Mine Hyada Kojirase Online Live # 11” on the 18th, revealing the difficulty of balancing late-night and morning radio. (From the top left) Mitsurou Kubo, Hikaru Ijuin (From the bottom left) Mineko Nomachi, Hyadain cartoonist Mitsurou Kubo, columnist Mineko Nomachi, and music creator Hyadain. Ijuin, who is a 100-year-old warrior on the live radio broadcast, also complained of anxiety about “drawing a line” when he saw the three people watching the live broadcast and the talk was too free. , The talk started after being persuaded to believe in a hard-mouthed audience. Ijuin has been in charge of “Ishuin Hikari Midnight Idiot Power” on TBS Radio since 1995 at midnight on Monday, and will also appear on “Ijuin Hikari Torajioto” in the morning from Monday to Thursday from 2016. In a program with a completely different time zone, “I recently found out that it was unexpectedly impossible if I thought that I could achieve both,” a rainy day coming out popped out. “After all, late night is made in a place like” sexual evil theory “, so when I was told” I like Ijuin-san “,” I don’t think so, but it’s money! ” “Because it’s made of”, I don’t say that even if I’ve heard it somewhere, and this person starts from the axis that I think is “good”, but I can’t switch overnight, “he said. I’m really tired (mentally) only on Tuesday morning because I sleep and have a residual scent in the morning (midnight)! It’s not lack of sleep. ” By the way, after finishing the live broadcast on Monday midnight, he will sleep on the mattress laid in the studio and will have the live broadcast on Tuesday morning. “I bought a mattress sold at radio shopping and slept! That’s why my impression is” I can get tired “(laughs),” he said, appealing that it was based on actual experience. At this live, we will work to unravel the “fate” of Kubo and Ijuin for about 20 years. When the “melting of snow” was carried out safely, there was a lively talk and a corner of “Best 3 favorite compliments”. This pattern can be chased and played until 23:59 on the 25th. Tickets are on sale until 18:00 on the 25th. Then, only the part that can be broadcast is edited and broadcast on terrestrial Fuji TV on May 14 (26: 05-27: 05). At a later date, it will be distributed on the same station’s video distribution service, FOD. The next online live will be held with Nobuyuki Sakuma, a producer who left TV TOKYO on May 15th, as a guest. (C) Fuji Television