King Kong Kajiwara, Yoshimoto stayed and I thought “I’m sorry” to Oriraji Fujimori

Yuta Kajiwara of comedy combination King Kong will appear on Oriental Radio Shingo Fujimori’s YouTube channel “Shingo Fujimori’s YouTube channel” on the 10th. In the video titled “Kajisak and Shingo Fujimori, two people who like each other so unpleasantly!”, He revealed his “feelings” for Fujimori. Yuta Kajiwara Akihiro Nishino left Yoshimoto Kogyo, but Kajiwara decided to stay. “I’ll say it for the first time, but it flickers for a moment. I’m about to get out of Yoshimoto. After all, I want to rampage with King Kong.” For one thing, because of Yoshimoto’s help. After all, I should stay with Yoshimoto because I must not forget my gratitude. Because I was taken care of, I haven’t been able to repay my gratitude yet. “I’m left,” he said. Prior to King Kong, Oriental Radio left the office at the end of last year, but Kajiwara confessed, “I’m sorry for Fujimori …”. It seems that he was worried about the public voice that Fujimori might have remained in Yoshimoto Kogyo because he remained, “I think I thought I couldn’t remain in Yoshimoto? I wondered if I had done it halfway, and that’s why I felt sorry for Fujimori. ” Then Fujimori said, “There are different shapes, and there is a way to choose each one.” “I thought it was a wonderful shape. I thought Kaji would definitely be in Yoshimoto, so I quit together. There is no need, “he defended Kajiwara’s decision. He continued, “On the contrary, there was a view that Fujimori quit in a combination and thought of his partner. So, when Kaji-san is left, only Nishino will quit and I will remain!” I’m sorry if I heard such a voice. We both had that kind of feeling. ” Kajiwara said, “You actually apologized for that comment? You’re a traitor! You’re a traitor! You’re crazy about Oriraji!” I’m glad. I’m a little worried. Kaji-san, do you want to stay in Honma !? Then, I should have done that too, and I’m sorry if I thought. ” I was talking with a deep relief.