Reasons for judging that “economically sensitive value stocks” are an opportunity to buy more — Will the old industry revive in 2021?

This article is a reprint from “Toushiru” provided by Rakuten Securities, “Understanding in TOP 3 Minutes! Today’s Investment Strategy”. Today’s point It is expected that economic sensitive value stocks will drive the rise in Japanese stocks from here. The development momentum of old industry performance will become stronger in 2021 Regarding these two points, Mr. Masayuki Kubota, Chief Strategist of Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute Introduce your view. The Nikkei Stock Average last week (April 12-16) fell 84 yen in a week to 29,683 yen. I’m getting a little stuck just before 30,000 yen. The Nikkei average has accelerated its upward pitch since November 2020 against the backdrop of expectations for a recovery in economic and corporate performance, but since the upward pitch is a little too fast, the upside has been heavier since February. Certainly, the Nikkei 225 needs to be speed-adjusted while determining that the momentum for business recovery will grow stronger from here.Nikkei Stock Average: October 1, 2020-April 16, 2021

Created by Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute