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Hulu Official Website About “Omukae desu.” I want to watch the video of “Omukae desu.” For free now. I want to see “Omukae desu.” For the first time in a while. For those of you who want to know if you can watch it for free, we will tell you how to watch the “Omukae desu.” Video for free now. Conclusion: If you want to watch the “Omukae desu.” Video for free, Hulu is recommended! From the conclusion,If you want to watch the “Omukae desu.” Video, we recommend watching it for free on Hulu’s[2-week free trial service].

List of video distribution services where you can watch this work for free

Delivery service name
Video distribution status
Free period etc.

Unlimited viewing

Free for 14 days 1,026 yen / month No points


Free for 30 days ¥ 2,659 / month 1,100P

No delivery

Free for 14 days ¥ 1,017 / month No points

No delivery

Free for 31 days ¥ 2,189 / month 600P

No delivery

Free for 14 days 960 yen / month No points

Amazon Prime Video
No delivery

Free for 30 days 500 yen / month No points

Crank in!video
No delivery

Free for 14 days 1,650 yen / month 3000P grant
No delivery

Free for 30 days 1,958 yen / month 1,600P grant

No delivery

Free for 31 days 550 yen / month No points

No delivery

No free period 990 yen / month No points * The information in the table is as of March 2021. Please check each video distribution service for details. As you can see from the table aboveThe video of “Omukae desu.” Is available for unlimited viewing only on Hulu.

As I said in the conclusion,If you are new to Hulu, you can get a[2-week free trial service]Therefore, you can watch the video of “Omukae desu.” For free now. Hulu has the following services.

Free period
2 weeks

Monthly fee
1,026 yen (tax included)

Cancellation during the free period

Only compatible works are possible

Multi-device registration
Multiple possible

Video genre
Dramas, movies, anime, variety shows, etc.

Unlimited viewing videos
Over 70,000 works

If you cancel during the free period, you can watch the “Omukae desu.” Video for free without being charged. If you want to watch the “Omukae desu.” Video for free right now, please consider using Hulu.

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Five Benefits of Watching the “Omukae desu.” Video for free on Hulu’s official website Hulu There are also five benefits of watching the “Omukae desu.” Video for free on Hulu. There is a free trial period of 2 weeks (14 days) You can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV and TBS TV.・ Unlimited viewing of movies The download function has the advantage of being able to watch videos offline, so I will explain in detail.

There is a free trial period of 2 weeks (14 days)

Hulu has a 2-week free trial period only for first-time use.

The reason for the free trial is that Hulu wants people who are considering using Hulu to experience the benefits of the video distribution service.

When comparing Hulu with the quality, quantity, and usability provided by other video distribution services, a free trial period is set so that you can choose Hulu with a sense of conviction.

You can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV and TBS TV.

The biggest feature of Hulu is that you can watch all-you-can-watch videos of masterpiece dramas that were broadcast on NTV and TBS TV.

Introducing some of the works that are distributed as unlimited viewing videos, 3rd year group A-everyone is a hostage from now on-SPEC-Public Safety Department Public Safety Section 5 Unknown Case Special Measures Casebook-Your turn Only one love ROOKIES Clinical criminal scholar Hideo Himura’s reasoning Please fall in love with me. You can find videos of these famous drama works on Hulu. In addition, many masterpiece dramas of the 90’s are also distributed. Watch these videos on Hulu and enjoy them by reminiscing about the time they aired and rediscovering the goodness of old classic dramas.

Unlimited viewing of the latest dramas and varieties being broadcast on NTV

Hulu is also actively overlooking and delivering the latest dramas and variety shows being broadcast on NTV.

You can watch the latest dramas immediately after the end of the broadcast, and you can watch a variety of programs for up to one year in the past.

Why don’t you try watching again on Hulu, such as works that you abandoned watching in the middle, or late-night variety shows whose viewing habits have been cut off due to changes in the environment and life.

Unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and movies

In addition to NTV dramas and variety shows, Hulu has unlimited viewing of anime, overseas dramas, and Japanese and Western movies. If you pay the viewing fee of 1,026 yen (tax included) for Hulu, you can watch all the works except the works distributed in the Hulu store. There are more than 70,000 unlimited viewing works,The ever-popular “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and the anime “Anpanman” for young children are also being

You can watch videos offline with the download function

If you save it on each device using Hulu’s pre-download function, you can immediately play the “Omukae desu.” Video even when you are offline.

If you download the video in advance, you can watch it even on an airplane where radio waves do not reach. It is highly recommended because you can watch it on the go without worrying about the amount of traffic on your smartphone.

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Hulu official website Hulu registration / cancellation procedure

[Hulu registration procedure]
[Hulu cancellation procedure]

Access the official Hulu website Tap “Try for free” on the upper right Fill in the required items Create an account Select a payment method Agree to the terms of use Registration completed Start playing the video you want to watch Log in to Hulu Tap “Owner profile” on the upper right ” Tap “Account” Tap “Cancel” “Continue cancellation” → “Apply” Cancellation completed

Precautions for cancellation during Hulu’s free trial period

If you cancel during the free trial period of Hulu and register again, the free trial period will not continue.
If you cancel by mistake, you will not receive support and the free trial period will not be extended. I will tell you two measures if you are worried about the cancellation date and time. The first is to set up a notification to yourself of “cancellation” using the remind function of your smartphone from 20:00 to 23:00, 14 days after you registered with Hulu. The second is to write it on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where you can see it on a daily basis. With these measures in place, you won’t have to pay Hulu’s renewal fee, which starts on the 15th day.

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Synopsis, cast, and rebroadcast information of Hulu official website “Omukae desu.”

Title of work
Pick-up death.

Nippon TV

Broadcast year

Theme song (OP)
Leo Ieiri “Our Future”

Theme song (ED)
Leo Ieiri “Our Future”

Official site
Pick-up death. | Official website

Official Twitter
Pick-up death. | Official Twitter

Pick-up death. | Wikipedia

Meca Tanaka “I’m picking you up.”

Masaya Ozaki

Tsutsumi Yen: Fukushi Sota / Akuma Sachi: Tsuchiya Tao & Childhood: Inoue Rinmizu / Nabeshima: Suzuki Ryohei / Ogawa Chisato: Kadowaki Mugi / Yuzuko: Hamada Kokone / Shinozaki: Nomaguchi Toru / Kato Takashi: Morinaga Yuki / Sayaka Tsutsumi: Karen Otomo / Matsumoto: Takuya Negishi / Mayuri: Yu Hirukawa / Manami: Akari Matsukawa / Kaori: Rio Kobayashi / Kumiko Akuma: Saki Takaoka / Hiroshi Yamashita: Motosuke Iida / Yumiko Tsutsumi: Mako Ishino / Ikuo Tsutsumi: Osugi ripple

Synopsis of “Meeting Death.”

A science nerd with a weak emotion, Tsutsumi En (20), and a girl with a rush of emotions, Akuma Sachi (20), who attend the same university, have a compatibility between water and oil that cannot understand each other’s thought circuits.However, by sharing a mysterious part-time job, we are inspired by each other, learn what “living” is, and grow together while compensating for what we do not have! Source: “Omukae desu” .”Than

【Episode 1】

A science college student, Tsutsumi En (Fukushi Sota), listens to the news of his high school classmate Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki) and goes to the night. On the way back, the circle sees a mysterious sight. A person wearing a rabbit costume and an elderly man, Yozo (Shiro Ito), are working together. A circle that doesn’t believe in anything unscientific tries to pass by as if nothing had happened. Then, the circle is called to the rabbit. The contents of the rabbit are Nabeshima, the god of death (Ryohei Suzuki). He was accompanied by a girl named Yuzuko (Kokone Hamada). Nabeshima asks Yen to help her with her work. However, Yen decides to ignore Nabeshima and others as hallucinations. When Yen returned home, Nabeshima and Yuzuko were waiting. Before I knew it, the circle had the ability to see spirits and grim reaper. Nabeshima explained to the circle that it was his job to send the spirits wandering around the world to the world. The circle should be obsessed with Nabeshima and Yuzuko. As Yen walks with Nabeshima and Yuzuko, Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya) who attends the same university as Yen appears. Sachi, who has the ability to see spirits, helped Nabeshima’s work. Nabeshima unilaterally declares that he will form a combination with Yen. Fortunately, Yen is taken to help with the work. The target for the Buddhahood was Yozo, who was working with a rabbit. Reiko intended to marry her lover Masamichi (Toshihiro Yashiba), but Yozo was against it. Yozo is said to be unable to die even if he dies because of his daughter Reiko (Miho Kanno). Masamichi was a part-time worker, and Yozo wasn’t the one to leave his daughter to. Moreover, Yozo is furious when he hears that Reiko is pregnant. Reiko repels, and the two lose their message. Shortly thereafter, Yozo suddenly collapsed and died. Sachi hears Yozo’s desire to part with Reiko and tells her to visit Reiko’s house. Yen and Sachi go to see Reiko …Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 1 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 2]

Yen (Sota Fukushi) suddenly confesses to Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya). What on earth are you thinking about … Meanwhile, Yen and Sachi are asked by Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) for a new job. The target this time is 14-year-old Kazuya (Amon Kabe). He died after a long hospital stay with a heart condition. Yen and Sachi ask Kazuya, who wanders in the hospital, why he can’t make Buddhahood. However, Kazuya did not trust the adults and closed his heart. Kazuya’s regret was a promise with the nurse in charge, Mizue (Aimi Higa). Mizue was also working hard with Kazuya, who closed his heart. Before he was alive, Kazuya promised Mizue that he would ride the Ferris wheel that he could see through the hospital window when he was discharged, so he wants to keep it. Sachi proposes an idea that Kazuya possesses a circle and fulfills his promise in the form of riding Mizue and the Ferris wheel. Kazuya accepts Sachi’s idea and makes another request. Kazuya wants to prepare a big banner with a message and show her when Mizue and the Ferris wheel gondola on board reach the highest point. Yen wonders why he has to do that without sending a message directly. In order for Yen to ride the Ferris wheel alone with Mizue, he must create a relationship like dating her. However, it is a difficult task for a circle that the woman’s heart cannot understand at all. Sachi says that if you do this job, you can think about dating with Yen. Yen studies the woman’s heart in her own way and tries to approach Mizue with that skill.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 2 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 3]

En (Fukushi Sota), who was told by Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya) that he likes Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki), is just confused by the mystery and contradiction of the woman’s heart in love with the god of death. Meanwhile, En meets a ghost named Miki (Maho Nonami). Miki is a Buddhahood target brought by Yuzuko (Kokone Hamada). The reason why Miki, who was a high school teacher, couldn’t become a Buddhahood was her student Ryoji (Ryo Ryusei). Ryoji, who was a naughty but honest student, passed the same university as Yen and Sachi, but for some reason he was playing around without going to university. Miki says that the Buddhahood cannot be achieved unless Ryoji finds out why it happened. En and Sachi go to the downtown area with Miki and find Ryoji playing. Miki thinks that boys of the same generation might tell the truth, and asks Yen to hear from Ryoji. However, Yen and Ryoji are the opposite types, and even if Yen tries to talk to him because he doesn’t know how to interact with people, Ryoji doesn’t open his heart. Sachi sees Nabeshima on the way to take the ghost to the world and calls out to him. The ghost, Tamotsu (Hiroki Konno), brought by Nabeshima, is a type that is said to have little presence since he was alive, and since he has no regrets in this world, he wanted to go to that world as soon as possible. However, while Sachi and Nabeshima are talking, Tamotsu disappears. After that, Tamotsu appears before Sachi. Fortunately, Tamotsu fell in love at first sight, so he stopped going to the world. Sachi is asked by Tamotsu to become his lover until the 49th and let him become a Buddhahood. When Happiness refuses, Tamotsu begins to cling to Happiness like a stalker. On the other hand, Ryoji visits under the circle that is taking classes. Yen is invited by Ryoji to go play …Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 3 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 4]

Tamotsu (Hiroki Konno), who became a stalker, possessed Yen (Sota Fukushi) and attacked Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya). Yen fights against Tamotsu in himself and drives him out to protect his happiness. The missing Tamotsu doesn’t know what to do again. A spirit that cannot be made into a Buddhahood becomes a grudge if there is too much untappedness in the world. Tamotsu was so happy that he was in danger of becoming a ghost. Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) and Yuzuko (Kokone Hamada) decide to follow the whereabouts of Tamotsu. Yen sends upset happiness home. Sachi finds out that Yen is injured in his hand and puts him in the house to treat the wound. Fortunately, Yen is told that his parents are divorced and his mother tends to be absent at work. Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki) looked at the two people who were close to each other with mixed feelings. Meanwhile, Ryoji (Ryo Ryusei) comes to the university. Ryoji remembered that when he was in high school, Miki (Maho Nonami), who died, taught him the classics. Fortunately, he says he wants to study classics at university for Miki. Miki appeared beside it. Yen and Sachi are relieved that Ryoji will recover and Miki will finally be able to become a Buddhahood. However, Miki leaves in front of Yen and Sachi, saying that there is a place she wants to go to before going to that world. One day, at school, Yen and Sachi see Ryoji talking to female students. Suddenly, the signboard behind Sachi collapses when Yen and Sachi join in and chat. The circle helps where happiness is about to become an underlay. Yen and Sachi are wary that it is the work of the insurance company again …Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 4 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 5]

Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya), who was seriously injured trying to save Miki (Maho Nonami), was taken to the hospital unconscious. Sachi was hospitalized at a hospital headed by her father, Yamashita (Kisuke Iida). Since his parents divorced, Sachi had few chances to meet Yamashita. Meanwhile, Yen (Fukushi Sota) reunites with Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki). When asked why the yen does not become a Buddhahood, Chisato becomes muddy. Shortly thereafter, Sachi regains consciousness. Fortunately, Yen asks Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) to keep silent about Senri. Yen meets the ghost of Kato (Yuki Morinaga)’s grandmother, Yoshiko (Yumiko Fujita). When Yen talks to Yoshiko, she says she’s not in the world. However, he seems to be concerned about Maeda (Tokuma Nishioka), a professor who teaches economics at Yen University. Maeda was famous among the students as a strict professor. Meanwhile, it makes a noise when Maeda has sexually harassed at school. It was Rie (Marie Iitoyo), a student who was under the guidance of Maeda, who complained of the damage. Yen is asked for help by Yoshiko. According to Yoshiko, Rie is lying to trap Maeda, and Maeda is innocent. Yoshiko was watching everything that happened between Maeda and Rie. Yen takes Yoshiko and goes to consult with Sachi who is in the hospital. Maeda is investigated by university staff, and if he cannot prove his innocence, he will be dismissed from the university. Begged by Yoshiko, Sachi promises to prove Maeda’s innocence. However, Sachi, who has not recovered yet, cannot move.Fortunately, Chisato will help the circle … Source: “Omukae desu.” Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 5.

[Episode 6]

Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya), who is in the hospital, stands by the window one night and suddenly looks back and sees himself sleeping in bed. Sachi, who was seriously injured, should not have been able to move freely yet. She is surprised at what happened to her. On the other hand, Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki), who is being chased by Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) and Yuzuko (Kokone Hamada), will live in the room of Yen (Sota Fukushi). Meanwhile, Yen is asked by Nabeshima and others to work to make a ghost named Tatsuo (Susumu Terajima) into a Buddhahood. Tatsuo, who loved baseball during his lifetime, belonged to a grass baseball team called Rabbits. His regret was that he was dead and the team was running out of one. Yen is taken by Tatsuo to a coffee shop where Rabbids members are gathering. Rabbits, who has lost Tatsuo, will not be able to participate in the upcoming match next week. Rabbids members were in the process of discussing the dissolution of the team. The Rabbids match was approaching the following week. Yen, who was forcibly asked by Tatsuo, has no choice but to offer to join Rabbits. Yen had nothing to do with sports and had no experience in baseball. Rabbits managed to get nine people in a circle, but a woman named Mari (Kanna Mori) appears there. Mari was the older sister of one of the members, Shinnosuke (Masaki Izawa). Mari says, “Shinnosuke was just forced into the team by Tatsuo, so I’m going to quit.” Rabbits will be eight again. Shinnosuke was a quiet boy who didn’t show his will, and I didn’t know if he really liked baseball. When Yen brings Shinnosuke back, he is taken by Tatsuo, who is breathtaking, and visits Shinnosuke’s house.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 6 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 7]

Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya) has acquired the ability to escape from the ghost. Knowing this, Shinozaki (Toru Nomaguchi) and Matsumoto (Takuya Negishi) invite him to join him. On the other hand, Yen (Fukushi Sota) is told by Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki) that Yumiko (Mako Ishino) looks strange. When Yen went to see Yumiko, she was crying in the corner of the kitchen. Yumiko was shocked and cried when a handkerchief for women came out of her jacket pocket of Ikuo (Ren Osugi). Ikuo is suspected of having an affair, but he refuses to say why the handkerchief was in his jacket. Sayaka (Karen Otomo) also has doubts and questions Ikuo. Then, Ikuo suddenly collapses. Ikuo is taken to the hospital by ambulance, but becomes unconscious. Along with Yumiko and Sayaka, Ikuo’s spiritual body appears in front of the circle he was worried about at Ikuo’s bedside. Ikuo is surprised to see his body sleeping in bed. Ikuo had left his body while wandering between life and death. En and Chisato go to Sachi, who is hospitalized in the same hospital with Ikuo. Sachi confesses to Ikuo that he and the circle are working part-time to make the spirit a Buddhahood. Meanwhile, Mayuri (Yu Hirukawa) finds Senri walking in the hospital, and Senri is chased. Ikuo is surprised to hear about Yen’s part-time job and possession ability. Yen tries to ask Ikuo about the handkerchief again, but Ikuo says “I can’t say it”.Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 7 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 8]

Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) and Yuzuko (Kokone Hamada) learned that Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya) was hiding Chisato (Mugi Kadowaki). Sachi desperately keeps Nabeshima trying to take Chisato to the world. Yuzuko asks Chisato why she didn’t want to go to that world. Fortunately, instead of Chisato, who is having a hard time telling him, he reveals that Chisato likes Yen (Fukushi Sota). After becoming a ghost and spending time with the circle, Chisato became even more fond of the circle. Yuzuko, who sympathizes with Senri’s sad feelings, tells Senri to date Yen and Senri in order to create unforgettable memories with Yen. Chisato wants to hold hands with the circle, but humans and ghosts can’t touch each other. Sachi suggested that Chisato should lend her body. Sachi thought that Chisato should possess Sachi’s body and date Yen while she was out of body. Yuzuko cooperates with Nabeshima, who opposes the danger of wandering around the world with a ghost forever because Sachi cannot return to her body. Sachi and Yuzuko make a date plan for Chisato and Yen. When asked where they want to go, Chisato says he wants to go there next Sunday because he has a fair at a shrine near Yen’s house. Decided on a fair date. Sachi is told by Yuzuko that Chisato will date with Sachi’s body, so Sachi invites Yen to a date. Sachi invites Yen to take him to the fair. However, Yen refuses the invitation because he is busy making rockets. Sachi who gets angry at such a circle’s attitude and throws anger at him. Yen and Sachi are in a terrible state …Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 8 of “Omukae desu.”

[Episode 9 (final episode)]

Yen (Sota Fukushi) and Sachi (Tao Tsuchiya) are asked by Nabeshima (Ryohei Suzuki) for the next job. The target person for the next Buddhahood is Ritsuko (Alisa Mizuki) who died in an accident at work. She and Nabeshima are arguing, and there is a disturbing atmosphere between them. Ritsuko’s wish is that Asami (Ryoko Kobayashi) and Hiroshi (Kei Tanaka), who were juniors at the company, will get married and be happy. However, Asami and Hiroshi were not lovers, and Asami refused Hiroshi’s proposal. Still, Ritsuko asserts that there is no doubt that the two are in favor of each other. Yen and Sachi start a part-time job at a company where they work to get closer to Asami and Hiroshi. En and Sachi, who were told about Asami by Hiroshi, decided to support his second proposal. Meanwhile, Ritsuko’s death was not an accident, but the possibility that someone had killed him emerged, and the suspicion was raised. Did Hiroshi really kill Ritsuko? In the wake of this incident, the secrets that were hidden one after another are revealed. Nabeshima’s past, Ritsuko’s death … An unexpected truth was hidden in the intertwined mystery. Yen and happiness approaching the truth. Someone is aiming for those two …Source: Watch the video for free on the official distribution from episode 9 (final episode) of “Omukae desu.”

About the rebroadcast of “Omukae desu.”

Dramas broadcast on TV may be rebroadcast after a certain period of time depending on popularity and audience rating. However, now that the video distribution service has been enhanced, it is very unlikely that it will be rebroadcast on TV unless it is very popular. If you really want to watch “Omukae desu.” On your big screen TV, you can watch it now with Hulu and an external device. With Hulu, you can watch it without waiting for the rebroadcast of the TV, so please consider using it at this opportunity.

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