Takeru Sato, Kengo Kora, Miku Tanaka and others release a video to give “Welcome back” to Kumamoto Castle

In Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, the castle tower of Kumamoto Castle has been completely restored this spring, which is the fifth year since the Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred on April 14, 2016. Open to the public internally. Along with the release of the castle tower, 29 groups (Fukkyu) from Kumamoto prefecture and related celebrities will appear, and the WEB video “Welcome back” will be released from April 19th to send a message to Kumamoto Castle. Sayuri Ishikawa (singer), Kumamon (Kumamoto PR mascot character), Kengo Takara (actor), croquette (laughing talent) in this video, in which Kumamoto Castle also answers “I’m home” to “Welcome back” with Takeru Sato’s feelings. ), Takeru Sato (actor), Aya Shimazu (singer), Shingo Sueya (land player), Miku Tanaka (HKT48), Junro Tayama (fashion designer), Higomaru (image character of Kumamoto City), Kumamoto Castle Hospitality Warlords, Maika (Singer songwriter), Miko Miyazaki (talent), Aki Yashiro (singer), Roasso Kumamoto (professional soccer team) and others are participating. Since September 2019, Kumamoto City has been promoting with the slogan “500 years, to a town where you can live with a castle. Kumamoto”, and this time the third measure to commemorate the completion of the restoration of the entire castle tower. It becomes. A collaboration commercial between the movie “Rurouni Kenshin Final Chapter THE FINAL” starring Takeru Sato and Kumamoto Castle will also be broadcast from April 19th to May 9th (* Kyushu region only). (C) 2010 Kumamon, Kumamoto Prefecture