AWS, Japan’s own new service to support the planning stage of cloud migration

On April 20, Amazon Web Services Japan (AWS) announced the “AWS IT Transformation Package (ITX Package)” that provides support during the planning stage of system migration to the cloud.

Overview of “AWS IT Transformation Package (ITX Package)” The ITX package will be provided to companies and organizations that are in the process of migrating and utilizing IT systems in the cloud environment in earnest. The company is developing the “AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)” to support cloud migration, but in the past, “Cloud Economics” that estimates and compares total cost of ownership (TCO) when considering migration and “Migration Readiness Assessment” that analyzes the current situation , Cost support measures after the migration to AWS. This ITX package enhances the contents of the MAP. For the stage of formulating a migration plan to the cloud and considering concrete measures, “human resources development”, “launching a cloud migration promotion organization”, “pilot migration implementation support”, “experience-based workshop”, “support by the person in charge” It consists of 5 programs. In “Human Resources Development”, we will provide free use tickets for training for 3 people to acquire “AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA)”. In “Launching a Cloud Migration Promotion Organization”, AWS professional service usage fees are now allocated to tasks such as defining and designing a promotion organization, activity planning, and creating guidelines.

Cloud Center of Excellence launch support content In “Pilot migration implementation support”, a system with high cloud suitability and low migration priority is selected, and a trial migration (pilot) before full-scale migration is performed. ) Will be supported. In addition, the “Experience-based Workshop” will hold an Experienced Based Acceleration (EBA) to acquire know-how and successful experiences for successful cloud migration.

In the hands-on workshop “Experienced Based Acceleration” and “Assistance by Personnel”, the company’s customer representatives called Customer Solutions Manager provide support in various processes of cloud migration. It is said that it will provide support such as studying adoption methods according to the system such as application redevelopment and rehosting to the cloud environment, and planning and managing migration strategies while staying close to customers in a long-term project.

The person in charge, “Customer Solutions Manager,” accompanies the customer to support cloud migration. Yukiko Sato, general manager of the Business Development Division, said at a press conference on the same day that the companies that decided to migrate to the cloud had human resources, methods, procedures, and evaluations. He explained that he was worried about such things and there was a strong demand for support, and he prepared the ITX package as a support measure unique to the Japanese corporation. In addition, Mr. Yoichi Takizawa, Principal Solutions Architect, General Manager of Readyness Solutions Division, Technology Management Division, said, “AWS has a lot of experience in cloud migration, and Customer Solutions Manager will support customers while running in parallel with their best practices. “.

Yukiko Sato (left) and Yoichi Takizawa of Amazon Web Services Japan