Beautiful girl cosplayer Asuka Nekota transforms into a transparent cat-eared angel “I really want to worship”

Asuka Nekota, a cosplayer, updated Twitter on Monday, 19th. The cosplay of Cat Ear Angel has been released.

[Separate cut]”The wings on the back are just a proof of an angel” Cosplay shot of Asuka Nekota

Asuka Nekota, a cosplayer who loves cats and beautiful girls. Taking advantage of her cute and transparent looks and slender constriction, she has become a variety of characters, while her plain clothes and uniforms have also been well received.

This time, Nekota updated Twitter with “Cat x Angel”. He showed off his cosplay as an angel’s original character wearing cat ear headphones.

Many fans praised this post, such as “I really want to worship and worship,” “Angel feeling like a kitten,” and “The wings on my back are just a proof of an angel.”

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▽ Asuka Nekota
Instagram: nekota_ashu