Michopa shows off her beautiful bride and talks about her ideal proposal “I want to get married by the age of 25″[9 photos]

Miyu Ikeda, also known as Michopa, will appear on the cover of the overseas wedding information magazine “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2021 Summer & Autumn” (Recruit) released on April 23.

[Photo]A wedding dress that stands out for the beauty of Michopa[9 photos]

Michopa has appeared on many TV programs including variety shows.

In “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2021 Summer & Autumn”, when shooting in a wedding dress, he said, “I have a strong desire to get married, so I was looking forward to what kind of dress I could wear.” In the shooting, he showed a total of 6 patterns, including Michopa’s own self-styling bride.

He said that his favorite was the pants style, and he said, “I’m more happy to be said to be cool or beautiful than to be said to be cute.” Also, regarding the ideal wedding ceremony, “I would like to mention traveling with relatives in Maldives or other tropical countries overseas. I want to come back to Japan and do it separately with my friends. If it is one-sided, it will be boring. I think, so I want to make the wedding an atmosphere that the guests who come can enjoy together. “

The ideal proposal is as simple as “It’s good to be at home and be told abruptly. Shall we get married soon?” In addition to that, “I’m proclaiming that I want to get married by the age of 25 in various places, so I think I know the other person (laughs). Maybe. “

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