Microsoft “Edge”, “Android” version advances towards codebase integration

Microsoft is offering a new version of the Edge browser on the Canary channel for Android testers. It seems to share the same core as the new Edge for PC.

Provided by: Microsoft Microsoft also changed the Edge logo when it released the new Edge browser for PC. The “iOS” version and the Android version have the same logo, and it seems that it is clearly stated that they will be positioned in the same Edge family. But in reality, the iOS and Android versions of Edge weren’t the same as the PC version. From the perspective of a drawing engine, the iOS version of Edge still uses “WebKit,” and the Android version uses “Blink.” Microsoft says its goal is to make the new Edge a true cross-platform browser based on the same core code base. Microsoft also outlined plans for Edge’s codebase sharing to enhance its engineering process at Microsoft Ignite 2021 in March. According to Ignite’s presentation material in an article by Paul Thurrott, who hosts Windows Weekly with me, Microsoft does not reproduce all desktop features on mobile, but “carefully” with Edge for desktop. It looks like a plan to share features. Android users who want to test the new Edge on the Canary channel can download it from the Google Play store.