Zoom Launches Approximately 11 Billion Yen Fund–Invests in Expanding Developer Ecosystem

Zoom announced on April 19th that it will launch a $ 100 million venture fund, the Zoom Apps Fund. The aim is to promote the growth of the company’s ecosystem of “Zoom Apps”, collaboration with other companies’ services, developer platforms, and compatible hardware. Invest in developer partners who develop profitable products and have just entered the market, and the initial investment in each portfolio company is 250,000 to 2.5 million dollars (about 27 million to 270 million yen) ). Zoom Apps were announced as “Zapps” at Zoom’s 2020 “Zoomtopia” conference, unlike the more than 800 apps available on the company’s marketplace. While Zoom’s existing marketplace focuses on apps that work with Zoom, Zoom Apps allows you to use other companies’ apps directly on Zoom. Zoom Apps aims to provide developers with the potential to spread word-of-mouth through use at meetings, as well as distribution opportunities in the app store. Through the growth of the Zoom Apps ecosystem, the company is expanding the capabilities of the Zoom platform, especially for businesses, to evolve as a broader collaboration provider in the future of work.