Chiaki Kuriyama “Ruri” is in agony with a kiss with Yuta Koseki “Ryo”! Invited to a weekend date and new developments !?

The third episode of Mizudora 25 “Rabukome no Roku-Kojirase Girls and Younger Boys-” (TV Tokyo series, every Wednesday 25: 10-), starring Chiaki Kuriyama, will be broadcast on April 21st.

This work is a “hundred battle training” style played by Kuriyama, but in reality it is a super-dreadnought romantic comedy beginner, Ruri Kujo, who has no boyfriend for 15 years, and a younger prince, Ryo Mamiya (Ozeki) who hides his true intention under a smile. Yuta)’s lie, an inevitable original love comedy.

After the broadcast of the second episode, a romantic comedy full of developments on the Internet, “a convinced criminal who makes me squeak in the middle of the night” “Chiaki Kuriyama’s appearance and the gap between the voice of the heart are fun” “Yuta Koseki’s cuteness Is exploding. “

Ruri (Kuriyama) was told by Ryo (Ozeki) that he was always fluttering at a romantic night view spot. Ruri, who couldn’t sleep in agony at the dawn of the night, tried to get upset, saying, “That is an accident kiss.”

Ruri tries to think of Ryo as “just a telephone pole” so as not to be aware of Ryo at work. Whether or not he knew Ruri’s feelings, Ryo asked, “Why don’t you date this weekend?” Ryo chose an amusement park. Speaking of amusement parks, “something happens in the Ferris wheel” is a staple of shojo manga. Whereabouts of the two loves that sweat in their hands !?