Is day trading just “speculation” and worthless?Rich way of thinking

◆ Financial transactions allow us to live a convenient life
People involved in manufacturing sometimes say, “Manufacturing is the creation of value, but financial transactions are a zero-sum game and do not generate wealth. The money earned by sweating the forehead is precious.”

Certainly, financial transactions have some negative aspects such as creating bubbles and their collapse, but we are enjoying a convenient life because various financial products are formed and money is moving in the first place.

For example, we can buy things at a stable price because of the well-developed foreign exchange market and commodity futures trading market and active trading.

If the foreign exchange market is not active, manufacturing industries with high foreign exchange risk will go abroad, and the number of unemployed people may increase in Japan.

Without commodity futures trading, the prices of resources such as grains and gasoline will be volatile. I also have a mortgage because of financial transactions. Without securitization technology, fewer people would be able to own a home.

◆ There is no profession or earning method
Some people who recommend equity investments and investment trusts refer to short-term trading, such as day trading, and claim that they are “just speculation.”

However, no matter who wins or loses, as long as there are market participants, it contributes to ensuring financial liquidity. If the number of participants decreases, it will not be possible to match buying and selling, and the financial market will be confused.

In other words, entering the market, whether it’s day trading or anything else, is a contribution to the market in a sense.

Some people call buying and making money in a crash market “a trade that piggybacks on the misfortune of others”, but since it is an act of stopping the decline by supporting buying, this is also a contribution to the market.

Every business and business has a meaning. There is no way to earn money because it exists because it makes sense.

Day laborers, who are often criticized for being unstable, also have supply and demand, and they want each other to close the deal.

If you regulate it, even people who are hired daily or who have a job will be exposed to the job. Anyway, we will soon be unable to meet the need for human resources.

Every business has a meaning, and there is no royal gift. So, no matter how you make money, unless you deceive or violate the law, you have no royalties. With that in mind, you can focus on the value you need to create.

I don’t care how others made money or how much they made money.

Sentence = Tokio Todo (Money Guide)