TAKAHIRO / NAOTO / Mandy Sekiguchi, runway in plain clothes

EXILE TAKAHIRO, EXILE NAOTO, and Mandy Sekiguchi will appear as guests on the TBS variety show “Marbled Miki XIT SP” (20: 00-22: 00), which will be broadcast on the 26th. From the left, EXILE NAOTO, EXILE TAKAHIRO, and Mandy Sekiguchi Teppen every Monday at midnight! We will deliver the second special in the golden band after October last year. Following the first guest, Haruna Kawaguchi, who was announced the other day, EXILE will introduce EXILE TAKAHIRO, EXILE NAOTO, and Mandy Sekiguchi as the second group of guests. For them, in the program, “Private clothes surprise planning” was carried out. The three people who were brought to the studio as a rehearsal suddenly walked on the runway with the audience and the judges. Three people walk on the runway while being puzzled by sudden events while wearing ultra-realistic everyday clothes that they arrived from home without knowing anything. On the other hand, Seiya, Asei, and Kanechika participated in the “Marbled Miki XIT” members. Even if you compete under the same conditions, you won’t win, so I will challenge the game with the serious casual clothes that I have been thinking about for this project. Five people, Hiroko Koshino, Mayuko Kawakita, Elina Arai, Nicole Fujita, and Matt, who are familiar with fashion, will judge each plain clothes. There are also scenes where everyone gets sick of too dry evaluation !? In addition, a large-scale punishment game unique to specials awaits the losing team. (C) TBS