Will Microsoft’s “Cloud PC” Launch This Summer?

For some time now, there has been no new information about Microsoft’s Cloud PC. However, according to interviews with people concerned, Cloud PC service may be launched in a few months.

Provided by: Microsoft According to the story I interviewed, Microsoft expects to start offering Cloud PC, a virtual desktop service, in June or early July 2021. The company’s annual partner conference, Inspire, is scheduled for mid-July, which makes sense given that the company should ask its partners to help sell Cloud PCs. As explained in the 2020 article, Cloud PC (codenamed “Project Deschutes”) allows customers to use their devices as thin clients to access Windows remote desktops and use software such as “Microsoft Office”. It is a service using Azure. Microsoft plans to offer Cloud PC as a managed service for Microsoft 365 at a flat rate. This is very different from the pricing of the existing service “Windows Virtual Desktop”, which is priced according to the resource consumption of Azure. According to information leaked in 2020, Microsoft may offer several options for Cloud PC subscriptions (Mediam, Heavy, Advanced and other plans are envisioned, CPU, RAM and storage The amount of is different). I’ve tried several Cloud PC services over the past few weeks. The first time I got the message “Cloud PC is not available. Your organization does not support this service.” I also received the message “Your organization does not have a Cloud PC subscription right.” From these two messages, I believe Microsoft is currently testing Cloud PCs privately. Microsoft may use Cloud PCs as a way to run Win32 applications on Windows 10 X devices. Windows 10X is a rival to the upcoming Chrome OS. According to reports so far, Windows 10X does not support Win32 applications at the time of launch. In another Windows-related news, Windows Central said Microsoft could make a major overhaul of Windows 10’s “Microsoft Store” with a UX change called “Sun Valley” scheduled for fall 2021. I am reporting. The new Microsoft Store may offer downloads of previously unsold Microsoft products such as Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio. Meanwhile, Microsoft has been working towards the abolition of the “Windows Store for Business” and “Windows Store for Education” over the last few years, and the plan seems to be on track.