Fujitsu Group Introduces “Sansan” and “Sansan Data Hub”-Aiming to Transform Customer Approach

Sansan announced on April 22 that Fujitsu has introduced the cloud business card management service “Sansan” for corporations and has also started using the data integration function “Sansan Data Hub”. This will enable visualization / sharing of the personal connections of approximately 80,000 domestic group employees and the construction of high-quality customer masters, aiming to transform the customer approach. In addition, it is expected that all employees will use online business cards to facilitate communication during online business negotiations and to accumulate and utilize contact information. Fujitsu provides “Work Life Shift,” a solution that supports new ways of working in a “new normal” society. In addition, since July 2020, the company has been making efforts to basically change the working style of domestic group employees to remote work. As part of the Work Life Shift, Fujitsu is promoting a “Borderless Office” that enables customers to carry out their work even if their work locations and hours are diversified, and it is necessary to support customer information management. In addition, we are promoting the digitization of customer approaches as a new sales style. Against this background, the company has introduced Sansan and used Sansan Data Hub. Fujitsu will use Sansan to visualize the personal connections of group employees and utilize the service as a shared platform. Sansan says that it will convert business card information into data with 99.9% accuracy by manual input and AI (artificial intelligence). Since the business cards digitized by this service can be shared within the organization, it is expected that the customer responsiveness of the entire group centered on personal connections will be improved. By also using Sansan Data Hub, the latest customer data can be centrally managed in real time for quick customer response. The service normalizes / integrates a huge amount of in-house customer data centered on Sansan’s latest business card information. In addition, name identification and data cleansing are automatically performed, and attribute information is added in cooperation with “Salesforce” to build a high-quality customer master. By analyzing customer data from multiple angles, we will enhance marketing activities and support the improvement of competitiveness from the perspective of CX (customer experience).