Kokoro Shinozaki shows off a sleeveless costume shot anthropomorphized to Nikon “I was stabbed”

Cosplayer Kokoro Shinozaki updated Twitter on Wednesday, 21st. The off-shot shot of “Photo Technique Digital” (Genkosha) released on the 20th has been released.

[Separate cut]Kokoro Shinozaki, costume shot of retro cute Nikon image

Kokoro Shinozaki is a cosplayer who has demonstrated her multi-talented talent and is active in various fields such as DJs, gravure, and fashion models. In “Photo Technique Digital”, Iori Moe and Enako from the same office were on the cover.

This time, Shinozaki updated Twitter, saying, “I love Nikon’s costumes, retro cute and cute.” He showed off his cute costume that was anthropomorphized to the camera brand “Nikon”.

Many fans praised this off-shot, saying, “This color and atmosphere look great,” “I’m glad I was a Nikon user,” and “I was stabbed.”

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