Microsoft “Teams”"Virtual commute"Etc–New features focused on well-being

Microsoft has added new features to Teams, such as “virtual commuting,” to praise colleagues. Virtual commuting is a feature that helps you feel at home after working hours. “The burden of digitization is real and something has to change,” Jared Spataro, corporate vice president of Microsoft 365, said in a blog post about the new features.

Changes brought about by the spread of remote work-Five movements expected in -2021 To bring about these changes, Microsoft will introduce well-being experiences such as introspection, praise, and virtual commuting to Teams. Teams’ introspection feature raises awareness of how you feel and allows you to gradually discover patterns. According to Microsoft, these insights will be private to the user. The “send praise” feature “allows you to show gratitude to your colleagues. You can set a reminder schedule for praise and make it a habit to show gratitude.” The idea of ​​virtual commuting has been talked about by Microsoft in the Corona epidemic. According to Spataro, virtual commuting “helps you finish your work at the end of the day, prepare for the next day, and calmly move to your personal time.” These well-being experience features will be available starting next week in Microsoft Teams’ Viva Insights app. “In 2021, teams were siled and digital fatigue became an unacceptable risk factor in reality,” Microsoft said in its Work Trend Index. The Work Trend Index is a report based on a January survey of more than 31,000 full-time employees and self-employed people in 31 markets. According to a survey, 41% of employees are leaving their current workplace the following year, and 46% say they may move because they can work remotely.