Microsoft “Visual Studio 2022” to 64-bit–Public preview this summer

Microsoft has announced that it is preparing its first public preview of the next version of Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2022, for “this summer.” Visual Studio 2022 will be a 64-bit version of the application. Microsoft has blogged about some of the upcoming features in Visual Studio 2022 and their release plans. The public preview, which will be released this summer, will offer only some of the planned features, with others coming in subsequent releases. “Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1” is planned to improve the user interface (UI) and accessibility. In addition to the 64-bit migration, the company also said that the main “devenv.exe” process would remove the 4GB memory limit. It will continue to be available for building 32-bit apps. The features of Visual Studio 2022 are as follows. Improved performance of the core debugger. Support for .NET 6 and its integration framework. It can be used by Windows and Mac developers to build web, client, and mobile apps. Enhanced support for developing apps using “Microsoft Azure”. UI updates reduce complexity. It also integrates with “Accessibility Insights”. In addition to updating the icon, it supports the monospaced font “Cascadia Code” that enhances readability. Support for “IntelliSense”, a C ++ 20 compatible tool. Integrate text chat into “Live Share”. Further support for “Git” and “GitHub”. Improved code search. Also, “Visual Studio for Mac” will be improved. It is said that it will move to the native “macOS” UI.