Milbon visualizes work status by introducing cloud attendance management system

Milbon, a hair dressing and cosmetics manufacturer, has introduced the cloud attendance management system “COMPANY employment / project management” provided by Works Human Intelligence and started operation. Milbon is a global manufacturer listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that manufactures and sells hair cosmetics for beauty salons. The company could not immediately visualize the working status of employees, making it complicated to manage overtime hours and the status of taking paid leave. In addition, there was a problem that attendance data could not be used for productivity improvement measures such as business adjustment and review of appropriate number of personnel. With this introduction, it has become possible to manage from stamping to visualization of work status, and to operate attendance management of different work patterns according to various occupations (sales, research, production, etc.) with the same system.

Portal screen image Employees can now check their overtime hours and vacation acquisition status in real time using the portal screen. In addition, superiors can immediately check the overtime hours of their subordinate members on the screen, which makes it possible to strengthen attendance management, such as preventing long working hours. Furthermore, by using the workflow on COMPANY to apply for and approve work related to overtime and vacations, paper applications have been significantly reduced. It is also possible to apply for work using a mobile terminal, and even for sales employees who often go out, appropriate attendance management has been realized while ensuring convenience. In the future, Milbon plans to use the standard functions of COMPANY to respond to new work patterns. The company plans to further expand the use of work applications such as telework applications on the Web, and to visualize various indicators such as the paid leave acquisition rate for each department.