Mizuki Itagaki reveals the word Kyun but cannot agree, “Oh, just me?”

A joint interview with ABEMA’s original drama “Black Cinderella” (every Thursday from 22:00), which started on April 22, was held in Tokyo on the same day, with Riko, Fuju Kamio, Mizuki Itagaki, and Erika. Attended. When asked from the left, Aika, Fuju Kamio, Riko, Mizuki Itagaki, Riko said, “I think it’s cool to be exercising. Soccer or basketball. It’s good to wear a uniform.” That’s right. ” When Kamio, who was next to me, asked, “What about the belly chiller?”, He shook his head, saying, “The belly chiller is … good.” Kamio smiled with a bitter smile, “I was doing it.” Then Itagaki asked the three people for their consent, “Why don’t you make Kyun when you were asked to be a friend?”, And all of them were silent for a few seconds without any reaction. Itagaki was impatient with nobody’s approval and asked, “Well, I’m the only one?” “Yes? What do you mean?” The work was a story of a high school student, and I was asked a question about my school days. Kamio said, “I was studying for the students. I was the type who didn’t have a hard time studying, so I was ranked first overall. I was studying to maintain that.” I was surprised. Furthermore, when he said, “Study is not a type with a lot of quantity, but quality”, Riko said “Something … no (laughs)” and Itagaki also said, “It looks like a smart and crushing person. That’s right, “he laughed. A love story of Ainami Kamiya, an ordinary high school girl who struggles with dreams and love while confronting lookism = appearanceism, set in the beauty pageant that decides the most beautiful man and beauty in the school. Riko, who plays the main character Ainami, starred in the ABEMA original drama for the first time. Riko said, “The broadcast is finally starting. It’s a drama with various elements such as romance. I’m glad to be able to deliver this drama while SNS has become widespread and the way of thinking about appearance has changed.” Kamio, who has been described as a “national treasure-class handsome man” and plays “national treasure-class handsome man” in the work, said, “In a world that is obsessed with appearance, watching this drama may give birth to new ways of thinking and values. I hope it will be conveyed through the drama. ” “Black Cinderella” is a total of 8 episodes.