NSSOL Introduces “Cisco ACI” and “Cisco Nexus Insights” to Next-Generation Cloud Service Infrastructure

NS Solutions has introduced “Cisco ACI” and “Cisco Nexus Insights” in its next-generation cloud service platform “absonne.” Both products introduced will be solutions that enable network automation and visualization. By adopting these, the reliability of the network infrastructure is ensured, the flexibility to realize a high expansion configuration as needed from the minimum configuration, the ease of operation as a resource service that does not increase the operational load, and new services such as multi-cloud. Can be easily added / expanded. Cisco ACI is an SDN solution specialized for data center networks. This time, it has become possible to centrally manage and operate the entire network across sites, including bare metal and Red Hat environments other than the virtual environment by VMware. Cisco Nexus Insights is a solution that optimizes network operations. In network operation, a lot of man-hours are devoted to dealing with vulnerabilities and system failures, but this solution makes it possible to predict and prevent failure information. This time, the “Cisco CX Service” is also being used. The service will be provided by Cisco’s specialized engineers to provide design support at the time of introduction and support for function fixation at the time of introduction and use. In addition, Expert Care provided a dedicated person in charge of operational support and troubleshooting during the operational phase, as well as providing technical knowledge.