U.S. Department of Justice reports that it has formed a task force to combat ransomware

The U.S. Department of Justice has formed a new task force aimed at combating the growing threat of ransomware in the United States. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported in an article dated April 21st. According to the WSJ, agencies will work with private companies and foreign partners to work to undermine the ransomware distribution chain.

Courtesy: Bill Clark / Getty Images WSJ cites an internal document published this week and considers Acting Deputy Attorney General John Carlin to take a multi-faceted approach to address threats such as ransomware threats. It reports that it is doing. Judiciary efforts to eradicate the host services behind ransomware activities and digital services that support attacks such as online forums where hackers can find ransomware for sale, hacker prosecution, etc. Is also one of the plans. “By any standard, 2020 was the worst year for incidents such as ransomware and related threats,” Task Force leader Carlin told The Wall Street Journal. “If we don’t break what’s behind this cycle, the problems that are already in bad shape will get worse,” said Carlin. The task force is the Department of Justice’s crime, national security, and civilian departments. In addition, it is expected to be composed of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Prosecutor’s Office. The WSJ also reports that it plans to work with the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Homeland Security.