Licca-chan becomes the official bufferin ambassador!Pre-can information

From Friday, April 23, 2021, Lion will use “Licca” as the official ambassador for the antipyretic analgesic “Bufferin” and start a collaboration campaign.

“Licca”, which has been loved for more than 50 years since its birth in 1967, releases products that embody children’s aspirations and dreams while always reflecting the times and trends. In recent years, in addition to developing a brand that is loved by adults who have walked the era with “Licca-chan” and expanding the field of activity as a talent, “Licca”‘s own Twitter and Instagram have become a big topic. ing.

An inauguration ceremony will be held to commemorate the appointment of Licca as the official ambassador. Licca will appear in a navy dress inspired by Bufferin Premium, so that you can help eliminate various damages and worries, such as “I’m thrilled if I can tell you well” and “I’m thrilled if I can tell you well” about the feelings when I received the offer and my enthusiasm in the future. I want to work on it, “he said, and it was an event that gave a glimpse of the innocence and dignified appearance.

In addition, a surprise birthday cake will be released to celebrate the birthday on May 3rd. He was pleased and said with a smile about his birthday schedule, “I’m planning to wear a special dress and have a party with the whole family.”

In this campaign, we will create a poster image of your choice with “Poster Maker” that can make original posters in collaboration with Licca and Bufferin, and prepare a plan to win 1000 “Bufferin Ambassador Licca Original Dolls” by lottery from those who applied.
At “Poster Maker”, you can create your own poster by freely combining Licca’s costumes, poses, backgrounds, filters, etc. It is possible to model the original poster with Licca, a casual fashion that seems to be “spring and summer” with adult-like coordination like an office lady and anticipating the season.

Licca has always reflected the times and trends, and has shaped dreams and longing lives. As the official ambassador of “Bufferin”, she will support you through ambassador activities so that she can spend “your own time” without being disturbed by pain.

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