TOKIO Taichi Kokubun “Ninety-nine ANN” 4/29 live appearance decision

Taichi Kokubun of TOKIO will appear live on the 29th broadcast of Nippon Broadcasting System’s radio program “Ninety Nine’s All Night Nippon” (every Thursday from 25:00), where the laughing combination Ninety Nine serves as a personality. Was done. Taichi Kokubun Ninety Nine 29th is Showa Day. Kokubu will appear as part of the Golden Week special project. Ninety-nine and Kokubu have been competing as regulars for many years in the specialty corner “Gochi ni Naru” of the NTV variety show “Guru Guru Ninety-nine”. The topic of Kokubu has been raised frequently on the radio, and in the broadcast on the 1st, there is also a scene where two people sing TOKIO’s famous song “Sorafune” to celebrate the new start of TOKIO Co., Ltd. It’s been a while since we co-starred in the media, but what kind of talk will be held live? Currently, the program accepts questions to Kokubu by email and postcard.