VMware clarifies domestic business direction and focus areas

VMware held a business strategy briefing on April 22, and Mr. Nao Yamanaka, who became president in January, talked about the direction of domestic business and areas of focus. At the beginning of the briefing, Mr. Yamanaka looked back from 2007 when he joined VMware to the present. “Chapter 1 of VMware promoted virtualization of servers and desktops. Chapter 2 promoted software-defined data. We advocate a center (SDDC: Software-Defined Data Center), abstract all the components of the data center such as servers, storage, and networks, and securely deliver applications from VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to various devices. All apps are now securely accessible from the device. With the realization of digital workspaces, this is still going on. ”

VMware President Nao Yamanaka continued, “Chapter 3 is the era of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, and VMware today focuses on helping customers in this area, and a new chapter is application modernization. It is. ” He added, “I would like to aim to provide the Digital Foundation in the Japanese market for the next three years.” The Digital Foundation supports digital transformation (DX) in the new normal era, and is in line with the company’s vision framework, which aims to connect all applications on any cloud or device and operate and manage them securely. Thing. This framework consists of four pillars: “Any Cloud,” “Any Application,” “Any Device,” and “Intrinsic Security.” Regarding Any Cloud, Mr. Yamanaka said, “Services that implement VMware Cloud Foundation have started in Japan, and engagement with certified partners is expanding.” Regarding Any Application, “Tanzu’s portfolio is finally starting to reach customers, and it has become a platform that supports both traditional applications and new container applications.” Regarding Any Device, it is said that it plans to develop a new solution in the latter half of 2021 as “Japan continues to be a big market”. Regarding Intrinsic Security, “We plan to focus on it from the middle of 2021.” Mr. Yamanaka cites VMware’s important mission as “implementing orchestration layers in various layers as technology evolves.” By placing an abstraction layer in this way and realizing consistent operation management, he says, “We will bridge the IT silo, provide customers with the best choices, and support DX.” In addition, three initiatives will be taken to realize modernization of applications and the cloud. One of them is human resource development in the digital age. Contribute to the development of human resources for customers and partners working on application and cloud modernization, and strengthen the skill transformation of employees in-house. As part of this, in March, we signed a partnership agreement with Hokkaido, including support for the development of digital human resources, and promote agile development to customers and partners through hands-on labs. The company has launched the VMware Japan Field Innovation Program, which allows all staff, not just engineers, to propose various ideas about what can be done through technology. The second initiative is to establish a Business Strategy Promotion Office. It is a team that assigns dedicated strategists and architects to the customers and industries that promote DX and collaborates with the CIO (Chief Information Officer) at the strategic level. The company plans to start with an organization of about 10 people and proceed with DX tailored to national, local government, and domestic customers. The third point is to promote the Digital Foundation for each industry. Mr. Yamanaka says, “I would like to propose a customized architecture for Japan by referring to the global case where DX is advancing with different approaches for each industry.” First of all, it is said that it is proceeding with initiatives focusing on industries such as finance, electric power, and government. On April 21, the day before the briefing session, a new office was opened in Tokyo. In addition to expanding the space for collaborating with customers, the new office has created an environment where all members can work anywhere, such as remote work and hybrid work, as well as work in the office, in response to future work styles. “We are aiming to double the size and business of the organization in the future. In doing so, we want the new office to become a place for the community to build a new corporate culture and identity for the Japanese corporation,” said Mr. Yamanaka. It was.

New office just opened