Hirose / Nagano / Endo / Bakari “Hell’s Garden” cast appears in “Ichikei no Karasu”

Actress Alice Hirose, Mei Nagano, actor Kenichi Endo, and comedian Bakarhythm will make guest appearances on Fuji TV’s monthly drama “Ichikei no Karasu” (every Monday from 21:00) on the 24th. became. (From left) Alice Hirose, Mei Nagano, Kenichi Endo = Provided by Fuji TV This will be realized in collaboration with the movie “Hell’s Garden” to be released on May 21st. Bakarhythm, who is in charge of the script of the movie, deepened his friendship with Yutaka Takenouchi, who starred in “Ichikei no Karasu”, in the drama “Suteki na Sen Taxi” (2014, Kantere). connected. Nagano, Hirose, and Endo appear as defendants in episode 4 of the broadcast on the 26th. Nagano is a woman charged with the Badger Game, Hirose is a gangster wife who violated the Firearms and Swords Act, and Endo is a habitual criminal who is a gangster thief. In front of (Hana Kuroki), she repeats a provocative attitude. In episode 6 of the broadcast on May 10th the following week, Bakarhythm appeared as the accused. Plays Shigeru Kishida, a man who is fascinated by the work of a thief, who has six criminal records just by stealing, who never hurt people and has an aesthetic that only aims at the house he stepped on when he had surplus money. What is Kishida’s true purpose, which is a humble behavior and does not show his true intentions at all? Bakarhythm said, “I’ve been co-starring with Mr. Takenouchi since” Suteki na Sen Taxi “, so I was happy to be able to participate. Moreover, the director was Mr. Hoshino (Kazunari), and there was also Mr. Masu (Takeshi). Personally, I was relieved by the feeling of “Suteki na Sen Taxi” by about 20%. However, there was a tremendous amount of long lines, so I was about to vomit in the actual production. ” (C) Fuji TV