“Otome War” is completed, and Tsukiaku will be renewed slim from the next issue.

Koichi Onishi “Otome War Gaiden II Fire Inheritors” has reached its final episode in the June issue of Monthly Action (Futabasha) released today on April 24th. “Otome War Gaiden II Fire Inheritors” is the second gaiden of “Otome War Dive Chi Varka” by Onishi. Set in Hungary after the end of the Hussite Wars, the story of Sharka’s daughter Clara was depicted. Onishi has announced on his Twitter account that the “Otome War” series is now complete. In addition, this issue comes with a clear file of “Blushing Boobs Anthology I Want You to Show Your Boobs with an Embarrassing Face” as an appendix. Illustrations of Ayami on the covers of Volumes 5 and 6 are displayed on both sides. In addition, Chiyoko Ayakase’s work, which is included in Volume 6, was posted on a business trip in the magazine. Monthly Action will celebrate its 8th anniversary with the July issue released on May 25th. In commemoration of this, it was announced that the magazine will be renewed by adopting paper that pursues readability and slimming down the magazine. This issue also includes an announcement manga written by Ayami Kazama in “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Elma’s OL Diary”, in which Kobayashi and Thor explain the contents of the renewal in an easy-to-understand manner.