Popular programming languages ​​seen in classified ads–advantageous for changing jobs and raising salaries

Want to know what programming language will be the most popular in 2021? Coding Dojo highlighted it by scrutinizing Indeed.com classified ads to see which languages ​​appear most often. When looking for a new language for developers to learn, consider all factors such as ease of learning, potential salary appeal, longevity, and demand. “We track which programming languages ​​have appeared most often in job listings and compare them to the last few years,” said Richard Wang, CEO of Coding Dojo. For the first time, the impact of a viral infection (COVID-19) has reduced the number of appearances in all languages. The 2021 report is new to the technology industry as many people lose their jobs due to COVID-19 and dismissals. It has important insights for anyone looking to get a job or a better paid job. ” (You can read more at Tech Republic Japan)