Both are too sexy … Naomi Majima shows off her amazing bust and beautiful leg shots “Style Egg”

Talent Naomi Majima updated Twitter on Saturday, 24th. We released a sexy costume shot with a great swing width.

[Photo]”Overwhelming beauty and presence” Naomi Majima, Chopin coordination

Naomi Majima, a “doll-type beautiful girl” belonging to Zeroichi Familia, is attracting attention for her unusual style, such as proclaiming her love for AV and making proposals for shooting planning meetings. It is gaining popularity mainly on SNS due to its neat appearance and plump bust.

This time, Majima updated Twitter, saying, “Today’s Majima-san. The swing is amazing.” She showed off two outfit shots, one with a beautiful bust and one with a showpan that shows off her outstanding style.

Many fans commented on this post, such as “Both are too sexy,” “Style is ugly,” and “Overwhelming beauty and presence!”

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▽ Naomi Majima
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