From a playful face to a handsome figure … Airi Suzuki, CM off-shot showing various expressions is a hot topic

Singer Airi Suzuki updated Instagram on Friday, 23rd. The WEB CM off-shot of “NIVEA Cream Care Cleanser” in which he appeared has been released.

[Photo]”Funny cute” Suzuki Airi’s 3 change off shot

Suzuki Airi has been active as a singer and model since the dissolution of C-ute in 2017. In the WEB CM of “NIVEA Cream Care Cleanser”, he performed a song that arranged Masayuki Suzuki’s famous song “No, not so” and attracted a lot of attention.

This time, Suzuki updated Instagram, saying, “#Actually, the light blue dress #CM shows only the upper body, but # it was a very nice dress.” From a playful expression to a cool shirt outfit and a light blue dress, he showed off various appearances.

Many acclaimed comments such as “Funny cute”, “Super handsome”, and “Leg length!” Were received on the internet for this off-shot.

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▽ Suzuki Airi
Instagram: airisuzuki_official_uf