Job offer: Engineer in Minato with Fidel Consulting

Information Technology and Services
Employment form: Full-time employee, full-time employee
Required Skills: Japanese1, English2, SRE, Linux, Service Monitoring, Test, Networking, OSS
Municipality: Minato-ku
Prefecture: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Annual salary: 4,000,000 ~ 8,000,000

Job Description


  • Linux, network skills / experience more than 1 year
  • Those who have more than 1 year of experience using shell scripts, Ruby, Perl, etc.
  • Service monitoring over 1 year
  • Operation automation over 1 year
  • 1 year or more of test experience
  • 1 year or more of OSS (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc.) operation experience

Preferred Qualification

  • Experienced in developing toC web service companies
  • Those who are interested in new technology (Docker, automation)
  • Those who are interested in a wide range of related layers and can continuously collect information, not just specific tasks


  • Flextime system available: Standard 8 hours Core time 10:00 to 15:00
  • Commuting transportation expenses paid (up to 50,000 yen per month)

About Hiring Company

The e-commerce market continues to develop due to the evolution of information technology, and the behavior of consumers is also changing significantly.
In this trend, there is an ever-increasing demand for effective marketing solutions that connects the vast amount of information and consumers correctly.
This company is a pioneer who started the first affiliate advertising in Japan in 1999.
Currently, they are developing two businesses, a marketing solution business, and an EC solution business.
In the marketing solutions business, they are strongly supporting customers to attract customers and promote sales through their service, which are performance-based reward advertising that boasts one of the largest networks in Japan.
In the EC solution business, they offer the service which is a pay-per-click advertisement, and another system, which is a system that strongly promotes customer development, for stores that are opening stores on Yahoo! Shopping.
By developing these two businesses, this company continues to grow as a “performance marketing company” that solves two major issues in the EC business: attracting customers and retaining customers.

Fidel Consulting

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