Suzu Hirose & Kanna Hashimoto, geniuses hit each other “Nemesis” Episode 3

The third episode of the Japanese TV drama “Nemesis” (every Sunday from 22:30) starring actress Suzu Hirose and idol group Sho Sakurai will be broadcast today. Kanna Hashimoto (left) and Suzu Hirose = Nemesis, a detective agency that brilliantly cleared the false charge of a young man, Airu Kubozuka, who aspired to be a rapper in the second episode provided by NTV. The genius assistant Anna (Hirose) and the president Kazuaki Kurita (Eguchi), who have solved the case twice and are busy every day … Yosuke). Then, it was Naoki Kazama (Sakurai), a detective of Ponkotsu, who left early with an easy-to-understand lie saying “Ah, it’s hot (gohogoho)”. When the suspicious Anna & Kurita follow, Kurita trembles with anger and has a date with the familiar “Team Nemesis” member, Yuko Oshima, at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise !? I was in danger. Seapara was pressed by a continuous bomb demon called “Bommer” to say, “I’m about to bomb. Prepare 200 million yen by tomorrow.” The president, Osamu Dazai (Kazuyuki Asano), who was taken hostage by 10,000 guests who enjoyed the park, learned that the old acquaintance Fuma had solved the “Isogo’s Don Juan murder case” (episode 1). I’ve been asking for help. Kurita removes Anna from this investigation in a very dangerous situation. Anna was booota, but she fatefully met Tomomi Yotsuba (Kanna Hashimoto), a beautiful science college student, and hit it off. In fact, Tomomi was a super science college student with a genius brain as good as Anna. Tomomi falls in love at first sight with the wind !? On the other hand, several “Bombers” set up clever traps and flutter Nemesis and the police. Kurita, Taka & Yuji (Ryo Katsuji & Aoi Nakamura) who are caught in the trap are trapped in the bus where the bomb is set. Can Anna & Tomomi’s genius combination save the crisis of desperation? And how will the continuous bomb demon incident, which seems to have nothing to do with Anna’s father, Hajime (Toru Nakamura), who is disappearing, be connected?