[Exciting for a good deal]I tried to make my style burger with Famichiki x Vans

FamilyMart is currently offering a “Choice of Contents Burger” set discount, which is a 30 yen discount when you purchase Famichi Kibans (88 yen) and the target hot snack as a set. When I was told that, I wanted to eat a hamburger. That’s why I immediately rushed to my neighborhood FamilyMart. You can make an original hamburger with Famichiki and buns !? Making a pretty fun hamburger This Famima project is part of the campaign “Famima is on sale !?” that is being held until May 10th, and one Famichiki buns and the target hot If you buy one snack at the same time, you will get a 30 yen discount per set. For example, a set of Famichiki (boneless) and Famichiki buns can be bought for 238 yen instead of 268 yen. I went to the pop-up Famima in the FamilyMart store at noon and was hungry. I wonder if I can eat about two, so let’s buy two. One is “Famichiki (boneless)” (180 yen), which seems to be a classic, as you can see in the package with “Famichiki buns”. I wonder what to do with the other … I chose the hot snack “Hokkaido potato croquette 3 pieces” (105 yen), which is not covered by the set discount. Besides, I bought various things that looked delicious when sandwiched between hamburgers. It’s already a little fun at the time of this shopping. Let’s make it with Famichiki buns and Famichiki! Let’s go home and start making hamburgers. First, open the buns. It’s a light and small impression. The buns are palm-sized. What happens if you put Famichiki here, which already contains tartar sauce? For the time being, I tried sandwiching it. The minimum configuration of Vans + Famichiki. Something unsatisfactory buns + Famichiki hamburger was completed. It’s okay to stick to it as it is, but it’s also unsatisfactory. I thought that the volume would increase if I laid cabbage, so I added “Julienne cabbage” (108 yen) first. Add shredded cabbage This alone has greatly increased the hamburger-ness. In this condition, let’s add “moist and soft roasted ham” (159 yen) on top of Famichiki. Prosciutto toppings make you feel a little extravagant. The moist and soft roasted ham has been added, and the color has improved considerably. Finish with “smooth and rich sliced ​​cheese” (192 yen) and add tartar sauce. Finally, it was completed by sandwiching it with buns. If you give it a name, it would be “Famichiki cheeseburger-with prosciutto”. Famichiki + shredded cabbage + roasted ham + sliced ​​cheese completes the first one. Satisfied with the result of the first one, start the second one. Hokkaido potato croquette is a product with 3 pieces, but considering the balance, I decided to put 2 pieces on the buns. Added potato croquette from Hokkaido. One piece seems a little unsatisfactory, so let’s try two pieces. Put “ham macaroni salad” (127 yen) on top of this. Plenty, but let’s serve while determining the amount that is easy to eat without spilling. After adding the ham macaroni salad, the loin prosciutto ham I mentioned earlier remains, so topping. In addition to improving the appearance, the volume has also increased. And above all, you can imagine how delicious it is before you eat it. Since the tartar sauce is on the base of the buns, it will definitely go well with the macaroni salad with mayonnaise. This is named “Macaroni Prosciutto Ham Croquette Burger”. It has a lot of elements, but it’s a gorgeous burger. I think both are good for the first time. What’s the taste you care about …? The buns with two original hamburgers are light and fluffy. Famichiki has a moderately spicy taste, and when chewed, the gravy oozes out. The cabbage is crispy and crunchy. There is also a rich seasoning of tartar sauce, so you can’t stop eating. Soft and fresh prosciutto is also a good accent. When cut with a kitchen knife, the cross section looks like this. On the other side, the croquette and macaroni salad go great together. I was convinced that there was no doubt, but I’m still happy if the combination is successful. The combination of macaroni, ham, carrots, onions and mayonnaise matches the old-fashioned nostalgic croquette. The macaroni salad has a strong taste, so you don’t have to use chasing barrels. I thought this wasn’t enough for the amount of buns tartar sauce, so I noticed this. I was excited to make hamburgers that I could buy at FamilyMart, and from the shopping stage, I was excited to ask what ingredients I should put in, and I enjoyed the process of making them, even if I just put them on. And above all, the taste is solid and the satisfaction is high, although it is easy. In addition, FamilyMart official Twitter is also holding a campaign called “Famima is a sale creative burger championship”, and it is said that excellent works will be certified as Famima official burgers. Why don’t you try sandwiching the royal road Famichiki, sandwiching unexpected ingredients, and enjoying “My style burger”.