ServiceNow releases integrated agent solution “Agent Client Collector”

ServiceNow is an integrated agent solution “Agent Client Collector” (ACC) that collects diagnostic information across corporate applications, cloud infrastructure, and on-premises infrastructure to help automate incident resolution and prevent service failures on April 22. ) Has been announced.
ACC captures, monitors, and provides visibility across software, hardware, and cloud infrastructure. In addition to collecting diagnostic information, ACC enables service and operations teams to automate incident resolution, proactively identify service failures, and prevent failures before they compromise the employee experience. To do. ServiceNow’s approach is to integrate agents into a single platform with ACC. Previous agents were often siled. Multiple agents were used throughout the department, making it difficult for service and operations teams to access the information needed to seamlessly resolve employee incidents and requests. The following are the features of ACC. Policy-driven application and endpoint monitoring: This allows customers to reduce their reliance on stand-alone monitoring tools, optimize costs, and reduce surplus tools. Live Asset View: This gives real-time visibility into endpoint settings and performance data within the agent’s workspace. Automation Playbooks for IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM): This allows agents to automate incident resolution, improve the employee experience, and proactively problem operations teams. You will be able to monitor. Automation Playbooks also supports Hardware Asset Management (HAM), which collects the nature and performance data of hardware assets, and Software Asset Management (SAM), which optimizes software inventory, usage, and spending. Provided by: ServiceNow
ACC can support a variety of ServiceNow products across ITOM, ITSM, HAM, SAM, and security operations (SecOps).