Launched business shoes equipped with Mizuno’s “running shoe technology”

From April 28, Aoyama Trading Co., Ltd. and Mizuno will release loafer-specification “Bijikaji” shoes “Exlight AL” (14,300 yen) at 270 major “Clothing Aoyama” stores and Clothes Aoyama online store. “Bijikaji” shoes “Exlite AL” (14,300 yen) This product incorporates the sole structure “Mizuno Wave” that is mounted on running shoes, etc. into the heel part to soften the impact on the heel part at the time of landing and landing. It is possible to improve the stability of time and reduce the unevenness of the body during walking. It also features an insole that is light, durable, and has an “antibacterial and deodorant” effect, and the insole can be removed and washed. The size is 24.5 to 28.0 cm, and the color is only available in black.