Mitsui Chemicals and IBM Japan collaborate on “resource recycling platform” utilizing blockchain

Mitsui Chemicals and IBM Japan have started collaboration to build a “resource recycling platform” that utilizes blockchain technology in order to ensure the traceability of materials for the realization of a circular economy. By utilizing blockchain technology, the supply chain (supply network) will be made transparent, and each stakeholder (interested party) will ensure neutrality and fairness, while improving the efficiency of transactions and audit operations, and paperless. Can be enjoyed.

Outline of resource recycling platform The platforms considered by both companies will ensure traceability in the resource life cycle. The resource life cycle here refers to the manufacture, sale, and use of products from raw materials such as monomers and polymers, and then through recovery, disassembly, and crushing, to become recycled raw materials and reused in product manufacturing. In addition, we aim to support smooth distribution by visualizing the manufacturing process and inspection process of recycled raw materials, physical property information and quality information. For this platform, we will also consider building a hybrid cloud linked with existing systems and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). The product to be used is “IBM Blockchain Platform” and the public cloud “IBM Cloud” is planned to be used as the platform.