Zoom adds “Immersive View” to display up to 25 people in one virtual background

Video conferencing Zoom announced on April 26 that it has added a new feature, Immersive View, that allows participants to be displayed in a single virtual background, such as a conference room or classroom. This is a feature that facilitates people interaction, allowing conference and webinar organizers to place up to 25 participants in a single virtual background.

Provided by: Zoom As it has become a standard video chat app as a tool for work and interaction, the use of Zoom has skyrocketed under a pandemic. With the rise of Zoom, “Zoom tiredness” (exhausted by long video chat) and “Zoom anxiety” (stress associated with video conferencing) have been pointed out. As COVID-19 vaccination progresses in the United States, Zoom has recently introduced several features that will help the workplace prepare for future hybrid offices. Zoom’s Immersive View is similar to Microsoft Teams’ Together Mode. It’s rare for Zoom to introduce features from other video chat platforms later.