Fumiya Fujii & Naoyuki x Johnny’s WEST collaborate with Checkers’ masterpiece

Fumiya Fujii & Naoyuki brothers and Johnny’s WEST will collaborate on the Fuji TV music program “SHIONOGI MUSIC FAIR” (every Saturday from 18:00), which will be broadcast on May 8. Fumiya Fujii & Naoyuki (center) and Johnny’s WEST = Fuji TV provided two groups collaborated with Checkers’ debut song “Jagged Heart’s Komoriuta” and “Song for USA” released in 1983. It is the first time in 29 years that Fumiya sings “Song for USA” on Fuji TV. The talk theme is “Moments of Happiness” and talks about episodes from the Checkers era. Johnny’s WEST unveiled a new song “Something New” scheduled to be released on May 5th. This new song with the theme of “wedding” written and composed by Aimyon will be sung brightly and cheerfully in pink beige and white costumes that are perfect for a happy image. In the talk, Ryusei Fujii enthusiastically talks about a certain food that he feels “a moment of happiness.” Fujii is said to be a favorite food, eating three to four times a week, but Yukie Nakama, a MC, is curious that she has never eaten. In addition, Yuma Uchida and Sakurazaka 46 will appear.Yuma Uchida Sakurazaka 46 (C) Fuji TV