Mitsuko Kusabue, “13 people in Kamakura”, the role of Minamoto no Yoritomo’s nanny, Hiki, “I will rejuvenate too!”

It was revealed on the 28th that actress Mitsuko Kusabue will appear in the 2022 NHK Taiga drama “13 People in Kamakuraden”. In this work, written by Koki Mitani and starring Shun Oguri in the role of Yoshitoki Hojo, he plays Minamoto no Yoritomo’s nanny, Hiki. Mitsuko Kusabue Mitsuko Kusabue said, “Hiki-nun is Yoritomo’s nanny and is said to be the greatest contributor to Yoritomo in the unfavorable times. It will not be straightforward because it is a work of. I am waiting for you. I will be rejuvenated by being able to work with attractive actors who have both acting ability and humanity! ” This is the 11th appearance in a taiga drama (1 talk). “I played Kodai-in in” Aoi Tokugawa III “. When I went to Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto to make a role and said,” I should have seen a fire from here, “a scene was added to watch over the fire far from the hill. It is an impressive memory for me to create a new scene based on the actual experience, “he recalls his past appearances. Also, “In” Sanada Maru “, the last line of my grandmother’s take,” Chito, it was too early “, and in the rehearsal, the co-stars also stopped laughing, so I desperately worried about how to perform without laughing. I received an e-mail saying, “I wrote the script myself, but I cried. I’m going to live well from now on.” It’s one of the most memorable scenes, “said Mitani’s memory of” Sanada Maru. ” Prior to “Sanada Maru”, Mitani also appeared in the stage “Lost in Yonkers” (2013) and the drama “Whoduit” (2015). “At the first Mitani work stage” Lost in Yonkers “, if I was worried, he said,’Okay, I’ll walk in the darkness, so please follow me.'” I thought I’d follow this person with complete peace of mind in the words. When I talked about this recently, I wonder if he was shy when he said, “I wonder if I said that.” Mr. Mitani is a person who doesn’t know what will pop out. But that’s the play, and I think it’s the real thrill of the play. I’ll continue to follow it. ” Also, regarding the co-stars, “I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of wonderful actors. I said that Yo Oizumi, who was with me at” Sanada Maru “, liked white chocolate at that time, every time I went to Hokkaido. Mr. Takaya Sakoda, who also bought me chocolate at “Sanada Maru”, will be the secretary of the year-end party where the cast of Sanada Maru gathers once a year. The first voice was also from his line. Hideo Kurihara, who was also with us at “Sanada Maru”, went out shopping before and ate sushi together. At “Lost in Yonkers” Mr. Takashi Kobayashi, who was with me, is always a kind person. There are many other attractive actors, so I’m looking forward to playing with you. ” This work is the story of Hojo Yoshitoki, a man who learned everything from Minamoto no Yoritomo and made the world of samurai rock solid. Against the backdrop of the gorgeous Genpei War and the subsequent birth of the Kamakura Shogunate, he depicts the bargaining of men and women over the seat of power. This is the third time Mitani has written a script for a taiga drama, following “Shinsengumi!” (2004) and “Sanada Maru” (2016). (C) NHK