The Nikkei 225 futures “aerial warfare” by foreigners is almost over–how will the actual demand sources move in the future?

This article is a reprint from “Toushiru” provided by Rakuten Securities, “Understanding in TOP 3 Minutes! Today’s Investment Strategy”. Today’s point Nikkei 225 / NY Dow both small movements: Nikkei 225 futures that are difficult to move up and down “stepping up” is over Focusing on actual demand sources in the future Regarding these three points, Mr. Masayuki Kubota, Chief Strategist, Rakuten Securities Research Institute Introducing the view of. Small movements in both the Nikkei 225 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average: The Nikkei Stock Average is stalled at around 29,000 yen, which is difficult to move both up and down. Global stock prices have accelerated since November 2020, taking into account the global economic recovery, and the Nikkei average has also risen due to buying by foreign investors, but the upside has been heavier since February. A sense of caution has spread to the speed of the ascending pitch and the spread of infection with the Corona variant, making it difficult to move both up and down. Comparison of movements between the NY Dow and the Nikkei 225: October 1, 2020-April 27, 2021

Source: Created by Bloomberg The NY Dow is performing better than the Nikkei 225 and has hit a record high since March, even though the Nikkei 225 has adjusted. While there are concerns that the issuance of a state of emergency will delay Japan’s economic recovery, the US economy is doing well and there is a possibility that the economy will overheat in the second half of the year. The difference in economic momentum between Japan and the United States is reflected in the difference in stock prices. However, the Dow Jones Industrial Average also hit a record high of $ 34,200 on April 16 due to a sense of caution about the speed of the rise, and the price has risen slightly to around $ 34,000. The above is a review of the current market trends. Today, we look back on the movement of the Nikkei 225 from the movement of speculators buying and selling the Nikkei 225 futures.