Toshihiro Yashiba, “I want to play with you”, an aide to Toshiyuki Nishida, “Emperor Go-Shirakawa” in “13 People in Kamakura”

It was revealed on the 28th that actor Toshihiro Yashiba will appear in the 2022 NHK Taiga drama “13 People in Kamakuraden”. In this work, written by Koki Mitani and starring Shun Oguri in the role of Yoshitoki Hojo, he will play Tomoyasu Hirakawa, an aide to Emperor Go-Shirakawa. Toshihiro Yashiba “I feel very honored. I didn’t know at the time of the talk, Tomoyasu Hira. Hei is different from Heike, and I personally feel sympathy. However, he explained that he is a singer who has a habit of appearing occasionally in history and in the Heike story. Now, he is in awe. He is an aide to Emperor Go-Shirakawa. By doing so, I would like to deeply connect with the Pope and walk through the world of internal turmoil! ” “I feel that Toshiyuki Nishida will play the role of Emperor Go-Shirakawa, who will serve as an aide. I am very honored. Mr. Nishida is already a living national treasure to me. Isn’t it the ultimate luxury to be able to enjoy the play and the aura up close? I would like to support you as an aide, and if possible, to Mr. Nishida, who is always charming in the field. I hope to be able to play with you forever. ” This is the 5th appearance in a taiga drama. “The last taiga drama was” Sanada Maru, “which I played Tadaoki Hosokawa. There was a scene where I faced Mitsunari Ishida one-on-one, and I was sick of the actors. It’s a scene related to dried persimmons. Speaking of dried persimmons. The episode after the defeat of Sekigahara is famous, but in Mr. Mitani’s script, it is described that “Before Sekigahara, it was the dried persimmons that Mitsunari tried to give to Tadaoki.” I was impressed by the fact that there was a relationship between dried persimmons and Mitsunari that no one had ever drawn, which is an outstanding pretense for the episode of dried persimmons just before execution. ” This work is the story of Hojo Yoshitoki, a man who learned everything from Minamoto no Yoritomo and made the world of samurai rock solid. Against the backdrop of the gorgeous Genpei War and the subsequent birth of the Kamakura Shogunate, he depicts the bargaining of men and women over the seat of power. This is the third time Mitani has written a script for a taiga drama, following “Shinsengumi!” (2004) and “Sanada Maru” (2016). (C) NHK