Yuma Nakayama, Match & Tetsuko and nervous yakiniku “I don’t remember the taste at all (laughs)”

Actor Yuma Nakayama will be a guest on Fuji TV’s variety show “Miracle Experience! Ambiribabo, a blockbuster song that everyone knows, a secret SP that no one knows” (20: 00-21: 54), which will be broadcast on the 29th. Appear on. Yuma Nakayama = Provided by Fuji TV This time, we will introduce episodes related to various famous songs with VTR under the theme of “music”. In the anecdotes of famous songs such as Rin’s “snow jam”, Sakanaction’s “Shin Takarajima”, PUFFY’s “This is my way of life”, and Ai Otsuka’s “Sakuranbo”, Reina Sumi said, “Everyone knows this song now. Things I didn’t know until then came out more and more … ” Nakayama’s comment after recording is as follows.

–About the program’s first appearance.

I often watch this program on TV, so both Mr. Goriki and Mr. Bananaman invited me in with the cozy atmosphere I was watching on TV, and it was a very gentle space. There were various episodes about the song, but I was very surprised at all. Among them, the advice of Mr. Komuro (Tetsuya) and the secret story of the song born from the mishearing, and the video of the person who covered “Shin Takarajima” by Mr. Sakanaction are impressive.

――What is your “Unbelievable experience” after the program title?

When I was about 17, I had the opportunity to eat yakiniku with my senior company match (Masahiko Kondo), Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, and myself. When I was invited to eat, I knew for the first time that there were Mr. Match and Mr. Kuroyanagi (laughs). I ate the roasted meat together while watching how the meat was roasted so that there was no rough phase. It was very good meat, but I don’t remember the taste at all (laughs)

–A message to the viewers.

Music is something that everyone touches, and the songs that come out this time are songs that everyone knows, so it was fun to know the back side. I’m glad that I was known as a person in the same world as “the pain of birth”, and I learned that there is so much difficulty behind producing something in the world, not just music. .. There is also a feeling that my heart has grown up a little by touching the secret stories of various works. I hope everyone will enjoy watching it together. (C) Fuji TV