China is the world"operating system"Fear of taking control of the GCHQ Secretary of the United Kingdom

Liberal nations need to continue investing and developing in cyber defense to keep up with countries such as China and Russia. Jeremy Fleming, Secretary of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency and the country’s cybersecurity organization, said that the UK today has world-class cyberdefense capabilities, but over technology. Given the rapid changes in the situation, the spread of different values ​​by China and Russia, and the use of technology to exert power in cyberspace, it is not always possible to maintain its superiority. Issued. “New technologies are evolving our lives into the online space, and cybersecurity is becoming a strategic issue that requires national efforts, and rules are not always the case,” Fleming said. It continues to change beyond the control of the government. ” “Our future prosperity and security depend on key technologies, but without action, those technologies will not be widespread and controlled by the liberal camp,” he said. It’s on the way. We’re facing a time of trials, “he added. Fleming made these statements at the 2021 Vincent Briscoe Memorial Annual Security Lecture at Imperial College London. He said that the elements that make up the global digital environment are under threat from authoritarian nations, and nations with “undiliberal values” change cyberspace at their convenience. He warned that if left unchecked, the design and freedom of the Internet could be threatened. “The threat posed by Russian activity is like finding a vulnerability in one of the apps you use on your smartphone. It may be serious, but you can probably choose another app. The problem is China’s. It has a large scale and technical presence, which means that the country has the potential to control the world’s operating systems, “Fleming said. “In fact, countries like China are the first to introduce many of the new technologies that are changing the digital environment today. They compete with liberal nations for the future of cyberspace. He has a vision to do so and is deeply involved in discussions on international rules and standards. ”